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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a leadoff and replace the incentives. ho replace the less
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>> cooling trend applaud continue this afternoon it
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acquired a cooler than yesterday, what is true this happened woma. you see the fog e matter and how expensive it is mads. it is building over the east bay area alway down to a fremont it is picking up mid that is the story of the fog this is cooler than yesterday. same story for our east bay locations
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temperatures will be in the '70s and '80s. i'll walking through what we expect for the weekend cooler temperatures will set and on saturday and sunday monday is flopping down to the lower seven days on our next update and we will follow the rain as it comes into the bay area. now on traffic >> we continued to attract an easy ride we are seeing the first bit of the back up at the bay bridge toll plaza it is a smooth ride a
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little bit of a backup for cash lanes. your ride to the san mateo bridge heading westward and east bound ride both look good no delays or problems golden gate bridge also looks good no fog. and the east bay road checks as we look at the maps, they
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are all flying >> 6 06 a m small earthquakes rattled the bay area box there was a 2.3 of 3.3 and a 2.2 off the coast of santa cruz there are no reports of damage or injuries a lot of people did tell us they felt the shaking >> this just into the kron 4 news room consumers spent more last month caudle this is coming from the commerce department americans tapped into their savings steep gas prices and americans received less money since the late 2009 dot >> stop features are
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negative right now stock is down on hundred and 21 points is wrapping up one of the worst quarters for three months it is off 10% and s&p is off to a 12%. >> will be back with a couple of minutes and a look from our roof camera we are pretty clear and a big cool down for this weekend get ready for this bank rules we will be right tax
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>> >> >> >> welcome back to kron 4 morning news. day planning done this has been a dismal we have seen up the bulk of 10% when. well futures at a down of hundred and 45. support.
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>> of developing story analyst at francisco. barry has been or rust in the murder of the president of metals angel. gonzalez was arrested for the shooting of pedigree o&y. gonzales is a member of the vargo gang with. more on how they are connected to this address arrest. >> it was a sergeant who was
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on his regular routine. he watched a car that would washington plates, and he approached him and asked for identification. he adds turkeys and identification wit. he is being held at the county jail >> all eyes are on the bay area. we have alive black from our roof that camera selling sent to cisco room from our roof camera. we have cloud cover out there this morning. one been that
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is the story for the weekend as we predicted the fog has pushed over the hills and is now in the san ramon valley. we will see the temperatures follow suit very shortly. this is all look of current temperatures right now are around the bay area. one this is how temperatures well at increase throughout the day. wh why quite a bit
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cooler than yesterday. one and this is the satellite and radar of the storm moving its way into the bay area. we will see rain not coming from the system. one wall this is a look of your seven day forecasting. why at 6:33 a.m. and now traffic. >> the metering lights have been activated on the bay bridge toll plaza. the drive time is still nine minutes.
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still aboard a good ride. volume is building a pipet no delays. golden gate bridge looks good. no delays on the southbound side. this is denise paycheck of the maps.
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>> >>. as scene on new-line. mo >> is also focusing and the knowledge that he has. >> he exchange pinel's with
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this bad that shot people at the walker report would. list plan in the united states with his column was a minister in the coming government. he preached in a mosque in virginia. he denounced the killings at fort wood. rouen the 911 commission even give a lead this he was on the fbi radar. when fatality in a cool and pleasant and police
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he had already left at the united states. >> this just in from the news room another man was also killed in this attack. he was born in 1986 and and lived in north carolina. he operated on what side of of his parents' basement. we will keep him posted on of the kron 4 morning news. when >> they are looking for this man aaron basilar know. he has been on the run they exchanged gunfire while they were searching for him. he managed to get away when.
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police are warning that he is armed and dangerous. >> there were small place yesterday and the bay area. a two-point pre of the three-point play and at two. drake near santa cruz. we spend a lot of time together.
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>> >> patel lakers star kobe bryant is planning on playing basketball in italy he will be in back in the u.s. for labor talks later on today. palin renounce exported to a.m. we will be right back. ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
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>> >> in san francisco over 100
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demonstrators took to the streets to a host of big banks. they protest in front of the will of larmer, headquarters of bank of america. they also stayed i sit in in front of chase bank. 64060 a.m. the weather is really changing out there. >> if you are living in the north bay, this is the look
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from mt. tam camera. we'll show you that brock widespread brought the bay area. gwynn bit is keeping us upper fifties and low 60s. this is look of temperatures right now all around the bay area. these are they expected highs for later on this afternoon. there is a
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system out in the process it that is bringing in this system. first cooler air we will see the effects of that today. we will also be seeing rain. i want show you that temperatures. this is look of the seven day forecast. 11 a m monday morning we will see the rain and during the area. and nice a break on tuesday. tuesday evening for arraignment moves back in
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and and stronger rain storms on wednesday morning. time right now six of 40 8:00 a.m. >> we have seen the volume bailed in since the last report. still on nine to 11 minute drive time on the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge has been good all morning long. still a and 13-15 minute ride across the bridge. golden gate bridge southbound 101 good commute.
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>> 6251 is the time and today will be another day of testimony in the trial of conrad murry. >> new inside of panic
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inside michael jackson's home. the man who called a nine 1.1 was on the stand. >> before making that calmed, murry because it he removed some substance. he reached out to me and said to put these things in the bag. alvarez said he did not tell the police about the bias after the desk >> >> it was an emotional moment when when he was talking about parison princess. thought
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>> turcotte cranberries that don't let them see their dad like this. i proceeded to turn around to the children and told them everything was going to be ok. >> news around the bay parents are facing a deadline that they got an open coffin of vaccine. they are scrambling the law requires all 7-12 graders that of the shot before they attend school the increase in looping cough cases in california prompted this move. >> i back up at the bay
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bridge. and a programming note to tell you about a weekend this saturday october 8th a special at the 3:00 p.m. a one-hour special with the blue angels and fleet week. i will awaken you with a song.
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>> >> the raiders are hosting the patriots this sunday. and red sox nation we are talking about a 49ers. and michael vex a bruised hand. also a former giants now dodger prozac a perfect season. that is all in the 7:00 hour with carries world. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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